How to make Beetroot Loni Sponge Dosa with Potato Palya/Bhaji and Coconut Chutney

My inspiration behind making “Beetroot Loni Dosa” was my trip to Kolhapur, Hubby’s Friend is from the city and he invited us on auspicious Occasion of Gudi Padwa. I was bit skeptical initially but Shrikant Convinced me luring that you will be able to finally get the recipe of Dadpe Poha.

We started off seeking blessing at Shri Mahalaxmi Temple then getting some “Sangit Chevda” and following the streets which made ways to “All India Special Bhel” famously known as Raja Bhau Bhel. I came to know about Raja Bhau via HOMP and he is as amazing I watched him on the Show !!!

Roaming around the streets I found a small place making Loni(butter) Dosa but these were “Pink” in color 😛 . We quickly ordered these and there they arrived laden with Loni served along Aloo Bhaji(Palya Bhaji) and coconut Chutney!! I have been always inspired by these Street Outlets to the Innovation they put off, So much to Learn from them !!

“People Will Travel Anywhere for Good Food – its Crazy” – Rene Redzpi

Phadtare Misal is another Personal Favorite place for Savoring those spicy taste buds but be ready to wait as there is a Queue. This post looks more Like a Kolhapur Travel Diaries 😛

Beetroot is a Super Food and aids in Detoxification,Low in Fat,Heart Health,Rich in Antioxidants. Beetroot addition to Dosa Batter is a good way add Fiber to Dosa and cut on some Carbs 😛 Its Eye-Appetizing

Here’s the recipe of Beetroot Loni Dosa

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How to make Beetroot Loni Sponge Dosa with Potato Palya/Bhaji and Coconut Chutney
I had tried Beetroot Sponge Dosa at Kolhapur, was amazed to see how a small street joint can come up with such an innovation. Loni Dosa is a soft,spongy and porus Dosa quiet popular in Bangalore and Pune. Beetroot variation held me spell bound and made me recreate the recipe in my kitchen !! I started testing the recipe with an idea to make it Healthy making skipping LONI/Butter. An honest confession is that Loni Beetroot Dosa is incomplete without my HERO of the recipe and that is "Butter". Beetroot is for improving Immunity,controlling Blood Presssue just to name few benefits
Course main course
Cuisine south indian
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course main course
Cuisine south indian
Cook Time 20 minutes
  1. Steps for making Potato Bhaji
  2. Heat oil in a kadhai, add mustard seed and curry leaves. After mustard seeds splutter add asafoetida,Turmeric and Green Chillies
  3. Add onions and saute till translucent. Season with salt and add mashed potatoes. Finish making Potato Bhaji by giving a nice mix and garnishing with Corainder
  4. Steps for making Coconut Chutney
  5. Take a chutney jar, Add Coconut,Curry leaves,Green Chillies, Ginger, garlic,Dalia and salt. Run the blender for One round and pour in coconut water, blend till a done
  6. Heat Oil for tempering, Add mustard seeds once they splutter asafoetida,curry leaves and round chillies go in pan. Pour in temper ingredients to the chutney mixture
  7. Steps for Making Dosa
  8. For Loni Sponge Dosa Batter preparation, Wash Rice 2 to 3 times and then along with Poha soak it for overnight in sour Butter milk.
  9. Next Morning, Grind soaked Rice and Poha into a smooth consistency batter . Add Salt giving it stir and keep it aside
  10. Take a chutney jar, Add Peeled Beet and curry leaves and blend it without water into a paste. Take a sieve and squeeze beet juice and add it to Sponge Dosa Batter. Add Green Chillies to the batter and mix the batter gently.
  11. Heat up a non-stick tawa and sprinkle water to check its temperature. if there is a Sizzle then its temperature is correct. Add cooking soda in the Dosa Batter and give it a quick whips in same direction
  12. Pour in two ladels of batter on the tawa turning the flame to low. Add oil across the edges and Cover it with a lid.
  13. Take a Loni/Butter in your hand and drop it on sponge Dosa generously. Let the butter smear on the Dosa, Flip it on other side to get it more crusty
  14. Serve Loni Sponge Dosa with Potato/Batata Bhaji and Coconut chutney topped with some more Loni/Butter and coriander.
Recipe Notes


1. Consistency of Batter should be when you pour a ladle of dosa batter on tawa, it spreads on its own and forms a circular shape

2. Loni Sponge Dosa can be done on medium flame but for crusty Dosa it is recommended to done on Low Flame

3. Few cloves of Garlic in coconut chutney enhances the taste

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  1. Terrible recipe! As a south Indian I knew the proportions and ingredients were wrong, then my friend tried it and it came out horrible. Please stick to your Gujju cooking.

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