Super Healthy Pumkin Pav Bhaji(Low GI & No Potatoes)

I am hiding my face under a pillow but What would you Guys know ? ! I have been away weeks from blogs due to flue and that left me with bitter mouth. I kept on craving for dishes which would help my taste buds back on track !! I dreamt of Sardar Pav Bhaji we had at Taradeo, Mumbai !! There’s a huge cue for getting into the restaurant and the best part that Pav Bhaji is Prepared on large Tawa over Coal Fires !! It has way too much of BUTTER 😛 Street Food was no more an…

How to make Beetroot Loni Sponge Dosa with Potato Palya/Bhaji and Coconut Chutney

I had tried Beetroot Sponge Dosa at Kolhapur, was amazed to see how a small street joint can come up with such an innovation.
Loni Dosa is a soft,spongy and porus Dosa quiet popular in Bangalore and Pune. Beetroot variation held me spell bound and made me recreate the recipe in my kitchen !! I started testing the recipe with an idea to make it Healthy making skipping LONI/Butter. An honest confession is that Loni Beetroot Dosa is incomplete without my HERO of the recipe and that is “Butter”.
Beetroot is for improving Immunity,controlling Blood Presssue just to name few benefits

No Fry Low Fat Dry Oats & Minced Cauliflower Manchurian in Appe Pan

I was a sucker of Indo-Chinese food in my teenage days but My marriage with Shri made me ditch those Chinese Bhel and Chinese Pizza(Kuch Din to Gujarao Gujarat Mein :P) Shri hates all Indo version of any Cuisines and wants to try possible Authenticate Versions. He took me to Crazy Noodle outlet in the city which would serve broth which has a prominent taste Ginger with veggies like bokchoy,Carrots where one needs to eat with them Chopsticks 😛 Thats how he likes eat Chinese !!

TRU Indian Masala Chai – Review of Trukup Tea(Indian Spiced Tea)

My Mom has a “Tea Ritual” in a family, No one leaves the home without having a cup “Amrutulya” made by her. Mom’s Tea has a list of ingredients its more like of Signature Tea !!! Dad waits for Mom to wake up and create the magic in a Cup, Dad does not move a inch without Tea !! Though Dad never showers much praise for Mom’s Tea but he is the person who used drink 10 to 15 cups of Tea a Day !! Mom always loved a hot cup of milk and Dad is responsible for changing her to Tea Person 

Granny’s Gujarati Broken Wheat Pudding Recipe(Fada Ni Lapsi)

 A traditional Gujarati dessert prepared on special Occasions is a Broken Wheat Pudding, popularly know as “Fada Ni Lapsi” in Gujarati. Its is prepared on auspicious Occasions like Marriage, VastuPujan, Baby Showers, Dhanteras and list is very long !! Aren’t you looking for ‘No Sugar’ Tag 😛 This sweet dish has Sugar but I have strong reason for it !!

How to make Fresh Basil Pesto

“Beauty comes in all Shapes & Sizes, Small,Large,Circle,Square,Thin Crust,Thick Crust, Cheese Burst, Extra Topping” – By a Pizza LOVER I love Pizza and Pesto, I mean love Italian Cuisine. Writing this post, I am pondering since when my Pizza Affair Started 😛 In 90s there was a Pizza mix sold by a Brand called Ramdev which had a ingredients for Base which was a almost once in a week ritual of having pizza at home. Gravy would be Blanched tomatoes, capsicum and red chilli powder,base would be rolled and done on tawa followed by Gravy spread and Amul Processed cheese…

How to make Amaranth Flour Pudding/Rajgira Sheera/Sukdi-GolPappdi in Microwave

Fasting Season has approached and Rajgira Flour’s Ladoos is a quintessential Fasting snack loaded with Fiber,Calcium,Vitamin C and easy to digest. A traditional Gujarati dessert Sukhadi or Golpapdi made up of Wheat flour and jaggery is my inspiration for A healthy innovation as this is a hot fav in my family. Jaggery came from my neighbor and it made to Supporting Actor of my Amaranth Flour Pudding 😛 I have a small confession to make, there is some sweet craving after having Lunch and dinner(I did Hear, Do you have that Craving as well :P) To satisfy that craving I…

How to make Golden Turmeric ? Milk(India’s Ancient Haldi Doodh)

I had Cough and sore throat for a week spending sleepless Nights if that wasn’t enough got stuck for 24 hrs in Pune-Bhuj Express coz of some mishap at #Dahanu I was trapped by cough and no #Benadryl was helping to make me sleep at nights thats what Dry cough does to you !!! Googled gave suggestion of sipping a hot beverage, I made green tea using Mint,Tulsi,Lemon Grass and Lemon finished it pouring honey and filled a Vaccum Flask. It was a big relief when Cough would attacks at 2 in night, Gulp a Shot of hot Green Tea – So that was a #BlogPost TIP for Cough

How to make Roasted Flour Fritters /Valsadi Wada(South Gujarat)/Pakoda/Desai Wada

 #Monsoon calls for Wadas and Nostalgia. My dad used take me to watch old city where we can watch over flowing Narmada river and exploring Old streets of city making paper boats. Returning home, He would instantly make Aloo Bhajiyas !!! I would watch him making those batches and he would gulp one or two HOT bhajiyas opening his mouth and showing the steam coming out of it. Yes that is how my Foodie and impatient DAD is !! 😛

10 Minute Sweet & Spicy Totapuri Mango Chutney (Sugar Free)

As #ChatoriLadki I love to relish array of #Chatpata varieties but looking for Health factor in it !!! I am not a fan of #sugar hence lookout for #sugarfree delicacies. I chanced upon watching a Gujarati Cookery Show named at “Rasoi Show” broadcast ed on ETV Gujarati. Cooking Expert Kamini Shah showed this chutney recipe saying that it can stored for more than 10 months and can replace Tamarind. I am a fan of Rasoi Show and its been running since 2005. Kamini Shah’s creation of this Chutney was magical and it was enough for #ChatoriLadki to replicate the same…